Friday, October 22, 2010

Flat twist style inspired by Tasaan1

I saw this style on YouTube a while ago and instantly fell in love. I've tried it once before with less than stellar results, but second time's a charm. I cowashed with Aussie Moist and blew out lightly on cool setting to stretch. I applied a little of my olivecoco oil mix followed by Garnier Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel with a little more olivecoco oil on the ends to seal. I was initially going to just do a twistout for work, but I'm really loving my results so this is staying. I'll try to get pics as I change up the style.

You can find the YouTube tutorial here.

My First Henna Pt. 2

I am in love! The experience wasn't bad at all. All of the extra "goodies" I added to my mixture made the henna fairly easy to wash out. I kept my hair in the same 6 sections that I had slept in and slathered on the Henna. Initially, I had planned on keeping the Henna in all day, but the weight of it plus my hair piled on top of my head made my neck sore, so I washed it out after about  4 hours. It took about 20-30 minutes total to completely rinse the sediment from my hair. Once I removed the plastic bags and unwrapped my head, the henna was warm and moist which really aided in the rinsing. I didn't feel any stripping or dryness as I rinsed.  I used this as an opportunity to use up a lot of half full conditioners I had sitting around. I ended up doing one lather with NTM poo. I could still feel little bits of sediment in my hair even though the water was running clear and the poo helped with this. I did notice a considerable stretching of my curl pattern. It was somewhat alarming at first even though I knew to expect it. 

I DC'd for 6 hours (baggie and wrapped with my Turbie Twist) with :
1 part Queen Helene's Cholesterol
1 part Aussie 3 min Deep
1 T Coconut oil
1T Olive Oil
1T Castor Oil
1T honey
1/4 cup coconut cream

Here's my hair right before rinsing out the DC

See how loose it is. It looked just like this after rinsing. But never fear, my hair shrunk back up with no problem. Her is my post henna day1 chunky twistout:

And here is post Henna day 3 (after oxidizing). I can see a little color in these pics, but it's not very noticeable at all in person. This is the same twistout from above, but I twisted the front in two rows across the front as a headband for work. Pics are after i took it down.

My First Henna Treatment Pt. 1

I've been wanting to try Henna for a while now. Not to mention, the muted brown color of my hair has become quite boring to me. I'm hoping the Henna will both give me the strength I'm looking for, and enough of a color change to satisfy the "color bug" that has hit me. After researching for a while now, I picked up a couple of boxes of Henna from a local Mediterranean store and got to mixing.

200gm HENNA
1 cup rose water infused with 3 green tea bags for 15 min
1/4 cup coconut cream
1T extra virgin olive oil
1T Castor Oil
1T raw honey
3T Cocoa powder (I wanted 4 T,but this was all I had
½-1 cup distilled water (add a little at a time as needed to make a consistency like cake batter)

I mixed this up and let sit overnight. Right before use, I mixed together:
1 egg
2T extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup  plain Greek yogurt 
2T ground cinnamon
1T ground clove
and added this to my Henna mixture.  These natural ingredients not only condition, but help with the application and rinsing processes. The clove and cinnamon add both fragrance and help with color take. 

There is no rhyme or reason why I mixed the other ingredients in separate other than my mixture seemed a bit too thick still, and i forgot the yogurt the night before. The cinnamon was a thought after mixing it up last night, so since I needed to make some additions anyway it joined the party too.

I washed my hair with my African black soap shampoo, separated into 6 sections and detangled with Suave coconut condish, followed with Aussie 3 min and braided each section. Applied my turbie towel (love this thing) and went to sleep. My hair was still slightly damp in the am and ready for my Henna experiment.

Henna dye release after 18 hours.
Here's what my Henna looked like before I remembered to add the yogurt concoction.